Manitou Yoga Intensive Teacher Training
“Creating Community Through Yoga”

With a Special Weeklong Residential Intensive in the Mountains!Historically, the Yoga tradition has been passed down from teacher to student throughout the millennia; at Manitou
Yoga School we have continued this tradition. From our instructors’ diverse backgrounds, we offer the tradition of
Yoga culture along with unique trainings on the function of the brain and its effect upon the body. Our trainings are
rich in the practice of ancient and current Yoga research. You will leave this course knowing you have embarked on a
new wondrous journey with a deep understanding of yourself and others. Immerse yourself in the study of Anatomy, neurology or yoga, trauma sensitive teachings,
Philosophy, and age old Ayurvedic practices as you become a Yogic practitioner and a teacher of the Yoga tradition
with Manitou Yoga School.
Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Certification

For more information, call 719-985-0335

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Attending MYS was truly one of the best, most deeply profound experiences of my life. The teachers are incredibly knowledgeable, experienced, and approachable. And the curriculum is the most diverse and all-encompassing offered in the area. Not solely asana-based, as many yoga teacher trainings seem to be, MYS offers Anatomy (which, let’s be honest:  you’ll eventually need to take separately if you go with another training), Philosophy, Neurology, and more. This training truly validates Yoga and its place in the medical and scientific worlds, as well as in alternative healthcare and spiritualism. I learned so much in the way of class formatting, tips on form, and how to market my yoga studio. Most importantly, I learned what it really means to be a teacher.

-Shylee H.

Manitou Yoga School Spring 2012 Grad

Manitou Yoga is not afraid to utilize many different wisdoms to create a well-balanced training. I came to it with a 300 hr training and experience in healthcare, and it was a good addition to my knowledge. It provided a foundation for my personal yoga philosophy and exposed me to new ideas for further practice in teaching.

 – Camille K.
Manitou Yoga School Spring 2012 Grad

Enrolling in the Manitou Yoga School was a life changing decision and experience. An overall motivating, uplifting and an unforgettable experience. The curriculum was vast and full of anatomy which for me was the most important aspect. I grew up in Manitou Springs and attended Manitou Yoga for my first class ever. Then to be trained by some of my favorite Manitou teachers, community members and friends. A true Blessing!

-Tessie W.
Manitou Yoga School Spring 2012 Grad

I had a unique experience as both a teacher and as a student.  I was able to have that dual perspective which was helpful to the development of the total concept of the training.  As a teacher, I was. In the role of making sense of the tradition, philosophy, physiology and neurology of yoga as a unified body,mind and spirit explainable through the principles of quantum physics. As a student, I was drawn  into and supported by a lifestyle as a yogini, fully present and expressive in all aspects of my life synergistically. through my meditation,diet and yoga I became efficient beyond measure and peaceful which was reflected in my Practice as a therapist.  I can’t wait for September to arrive and teach the new class of Manitou Yoga School.

-G. Gochis
Owner of Manitou Wellness Center for Integrative Alternative Medicine.

Yoga teacher training helped me to open up to others and to feel a sincere connection to those around me. The teacher’s at manitou yoga really worked one on one with students to develop their full potential and allow their gifts to shine.

My occupation is working in teen correctional facilities with teens on restorative justice. Yoga allowed me to connect with myself and see others in a new light, it has made my job so much more fruitful.
Teaching yoga is also just a great job. As a freshman in college I have already been offered 6 positions at various gyms and therapy centers. Yoga will help me to keep from having student debt, keep me happy, healthy and in tune with my body and mind.

It is like nothing you will ever do. Hands on experience, enlightenment into yourself, and the reassurance that sparks your inner light. This class will push you, and change your life. I would recommend this class to anyone willing to explore themselves.

-Anadia R.
Manitou Yoga School Spring 2012 Grad


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