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The Journey


We have been together for many years learning growing crying and laughing and practicing together. I recall a time when we would be in limbo most of the time, and not really know where we would be practicing together but we would stay true to our practice. Actually that sounds a lot like right now, we have been moved all over this town but we have always come back to our community and we always know we have each other. We are the true yogic practice of unity not only with ourselves but with each other. There is a vibration of friendship when you walk into a class or an event, you know when you come to a Manitou yoga gathering you will see your friends or meet new ones. Our practice has been together through fires and floods, through loss and grief, through laughter and celebrations. We are excited to continue this amazing community connection with your help and support and with the support of our ever faithful teachers that have been there for us all. If you would like to help out by bringing your expertise of community building to our community, please let us know. We are currently working closely with city government and other community organizations to secure a space for us and to create a larger outreach. This involves many calls and meeting please be patient with us and let us know again if you would like to offer your assistance. We will continue to offer donation yoga to everyone as we always have, no set rate, no set gift, no frills, only big hearts and a desire to serve. If you have any questions please contact any of our teachers, call or email me directly anytime.

Love to you all precious friends,





Yoga for Peace Day


Join us on Saturday, September 21 at the Business of Art Center for Yoga for Peace Day! This is a collaboration between the Manitou Yoga School, Manitou Bindu, Yoga Teachers of Colorado Springs and Yogafied and a fundraiser to bring greater peace to Manitou Springs following the floods. 10 a,m. to 1 p.m. at 513 Manitou Avenue.  Free and donation-based, please join us—all ages and abilities welcome.Yoga for Peace Day

Share Your Love for Yoga: Become an Instructor


Classes will begin in September for training in Yoga Teachings and Techniques. The schedule is as follows:

Saturday, 9/7     Sunday, 9/8
Saturday, 9/21   Sunday, 9/22
Saturday, 10/5   Sunday, 10/6
Saturday, 10/19  Sunday 10/20
Saturday, 11/9    Sunday 11/10
Saturday, 1/11    Sunday 1/12
Saturday, 1/ 25    Sunday 1/26
Saturday, 2/8       Sunday 2/9
For more information, call Joy or Brian at 719-641-8325.

Manitou Yoga Minute April 8, 2013




Manitou Yoga

“Creating Community through Yoga”

We promote the art of community building by offering donation-based classes that improve our physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being.  A healthy community is a vibrant and lively community. Everyone is welcome! Classes are on a donation/honor basis; give what you can. Thank you for supporting our beautiful Teachers, staff and community!

Monday YOGA 8am venue 515 with Brian

Tuesday YOGA 7am City hall with Becky
*EVENT Tuesday 4-5pm Kamala Easton Free book reading @phoenix
*EVENT Tuesday 5:30-6:45 Inversions with Brian @ Venue515

Wednesday YOGA 8am Venue 515 Joy

Thursday YOGA 7am City Hall Becky
*EVENT 6-9pm Transformation with Special Guest Kamala Easton $45
@ Phoenix 2-5 Private readings call for appt and sign up 641-8325

Friday YOGA 8am Venue 515 Juan

Coming this summer
June sign up for Yoga BOOTCAMP June 3-14th
July Sign up for Yoga Emersion 18-21st

Manitou Yoga Community Director 719-641-8325