Manitou Yoga Minute April 8, 2013




Manitou Yoga

“Creating Community through Yoga”

We promote the art of community building by offering donation-based classes that improve our physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being.  A healthy community is a vibrant and lively community. Everyone is welcome! Classes are on a donation/honor basis; give what you can. Thank you for supporting our beautiful Teachers, staff and community!

Monday YOGA 8am venue 515 with Brian

Tuesday YOGA 7am City hall with Becky
*EVENT Tuesday 4-5pm Kamala Easton Free book reading @phoenix
*EVENT Tuesday 5:30-6:45 Inversions with Brian @ Venue515

Wednesday YOGA 8am Venue 515 Joy

Thursday YOGA 7am City Hall Becky
*EVENT 6-9pm Transformation with Special Guest Kamala Easton $45
@ Phoenix 2-5 Private readings call for appt and sign up 641-8325

Friday YOGA 8am Venue 515 Juan

Coming this summer
June sign up for Yoga BOOTCAMP June 3-14th
July Sign up for Yoga Emersion 18-21st

Manitou Yoga Community Director 719-641-8325


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